How To Get Going In Online Forums

Are you an online marketer who is experiencing low traffic?  Everybody likes to see the analytics reports announce an increase in site views.  Why?  Most people are interested in increasing their traffic to some extent.  Traffic translates to profits, plain and simple.  Every online business needs to bring in more traffic.  Forums are the ideal tool for funneling people to your site.

How To Get Going In Online Forums

You need to be aware of the fact that all forums have a different market.  Focus on a forum that directly relates to your niche, such as a childcare forum if you run a nanny or babysitting site, or a home maintenance forum if you deal with home care and handyman issues.  You also need to keep in mind that the forum that you target must have a lot of activity.  A forum without much traffic will have little effect on your own site’s traffic.

Two examples of niche forums are the Warrior Forums and Digital Point.  The Warrior Forum is for Internet marketing enthusiasts to share information, promotions, and reviews.  A lot of Internet marketers participate, so you will gain lot of knowledge regarding your online business.  The Digital Point Forum is similar to the Warrior Forum, but focuses more on the technical part of search engine optimization.  If you want more information on the technical aspects of optimizing your site, you would benefit from this forum.

After picking a forum to join and submitting your membership information, spend your time reading.  Do not start filling the discussion boards with your opinions and advice.  It is important to get a feel for the overall tone of the forum as well as the guidelines for posting.  As an example, some forums do not allow criticism or argumentative posts.  You could be removed for violating that policy.  It certainly would not assist in building the positive reputation you are trying to establish.

Take the time to research the new member sections.  They will, in the long run save you time and frustration.  Be sure you have read any FAQ sections so you are not asking questions that have already been answered.  If the forum has a profile page, build that up while you are getting familiar with the site.  Once everything is in order and you completely understand the workings of the forum, you may post away.

Once you participate, you need to build your credibility in the forum.  Even if you only joined for the free traffic, remember that there are other benefits from a forum, and it is filled with real people seeking real answers.  You do, obviously, want and need traffic, but you must be willing to give before you can receive.  Invest your time in reading discussions, answering questions, posting helpful, non-spammy links, and being gracious.  Be encouraging and helpful whenever possible.  Make yourself available for questions, and don’t be afraid to ask a few of your own.

Eventually, other members may begin making use of the site link included in your signature at the end of each post.  By giving of yourself, you will achieve more respect from others within the forum.  Your usefulness to the forum and its members will pay off through increased traffic.

Jump into the forum journey with a good attitude, an eagerness to learn, and a willingness to help.  A forum within your niche will strengthen your reputation and give you valuable insight.  The forum will work for you, but only if you work it right.