Making The Most Of Social Media To Enhance Your Business

Making The Most Of Social Media To Enhance Your Business

As technology expands, the world, in a sense, becomes smaller.  The telephone allowed people in two different locations to talk together in real time.  With the introduction of email, communication became faster and more convenient.  In today’s modern world, one of the most popular means of staying connected is through social media outlets.

The term “social media” refers to the almost instantaneous interaction between users that is now possible via the Internet.  Social interaction online is enjoyed on personal computers and cell phones.  Though the launch of these sites was intended as a means of social contact among friends, businesses were quick to capitalize on the marketing potential of these sites.

While several other sites have held their own on the online scene for a season, the popularity of Facebook and Twitter have stood the test of time.  Both sites present opportunities to increase your business volume by expanding your customer base.  Through these sites, you can offer discounts or post introductory offers on new products.  You can also post links to informative articles relevant to the product or site.  Existing followers on your page may forward beneficial offers or articles to their friends, thereby increasing your follower count by leaps and bounds.  This is easily done through a single click of a button in many cases.  It also improves your overall relationship with the public, a crucial component to successful marketing.  Real time virtual conversations at these sites allow you to interact directly with your market segment.  As you nurture your relationships with your customers, you are doing everything you can to guarantee their business in the future.  Both of these social media magnates can help you overcome the first challenge of luring people to your company site.  Once they visit your site, the rest is up to you.  Twitter and Facebook accounts are simple to set up through a relatively pushbutton process.  Moreover, both sites are relatively user-friendly, and you will be able to master them within a few days of navigating.

A company blog can also boost business.  Blogs are a more casual, interactive platform than the more formal company website.

If blogging is a new concept for you, enlist the services of your web hosting service, which may offer assistance or recommend help from elsewhere.  Otherwise, you can create one yourself using your online expertise, a how-to guide, or push-button sites such as  Many user-friendly, do-it-yourself sites will show you how to upload videos, blog posts, and mroe with a few quick lessons.  You can also opt to hire an experienced professional to build and manage the blog.  As soon as you decide to pursue a blog, reserve your domain name.  You don’t want your ideal name to be snatched up by someone else while you’re busy deciding on a theme.

Once you have a blog system in place, begin to build your reputation in your area of expertise.  Forums are the place to go to become better known among your industry peers.  These sites are locations for interactive online discussions within the industry.  Locate a popular forum within your niche.  Comment on forum posts with helpful suggestions.  Eventually this forum will be a source of traffic for your site and business.

Consider visiting related blogs as well.  Participating at related blogs may seem a little tedious, but the benefits pay off in the form of increased visitors to your site, not to mention landing a few subscribers as well.

With any foray into the social media world, be sure that you take the time to actively participate in the conversations.  Do not focus solely on self-promotion or plugging your business, which instantly puts up a red flag.  Your posts will be ignored and you will have defeated your purpose in getting more people to your site.

Facebook is certainly the biggest social media website on the Internet, but there are many other sites that can be beneficial to your advancement.  Use YouTube to market via videos or Flickr to promote yourself through photographs.  You’ll also be able to build professional relationships by joining sites such as LinkedIn.  Linkedln is specifically designed to build a network within your professional niche.

Social media can be used in many formats to fulfill the needs of your budding business.  Most uses of these networks is free, requiring only an outlay of time.  With so little at risk and so much to gain, what is stopping you from maximizing your presence through social media marketing?